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June 18, 2013

2nd Annual Customer Experience Strategies Summit, West


Providing exceptional customer experience has become essential to any modern business strategy. With limited and increasingly savvy customers, your organization must deliver an experience that sets you both apart and ahead.

This summit brings together renowned leaders from many corners of the customer experience world to deliver the knowledge you need to foster loyal, long-term customers to ensure your company’s sustainability.

Identify your company's path to making customer centricity a core element of its daily operations. Interface with internationally recognized, cross industry leaders in interactive Q&A sessions. Take away best practices and strategies that meet your tactical needs.

  • Incorporate customer-centricity to align your operational processes
  • Deliver meaningful CX change by building a resilient customer focused culture
  • Create outstanding online experiences
  • Increase engagement through mobile technology
  • Make the business case with customer experience measurement systems
  • Buttress your frontline services through employee engagement innovations
  • Achieve legendary customer care with proven practices
  • Capture new and retain old clients through transformed B2B relationships
  • Ensure responsive services with an integrated VOC system
  • Improve your brand’s reputation and turn around your service delivery


Rosewood Hotel Georgia
801 West Georgia St.
V6C 1P7 Vancouver


June 18, 2013


Strategy Institute Inc


1-866-298-9343 ext 200

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