Chris Calabrese's picture
Cooper , Senior UX Designer
Robert Berris's picture
352 Inc , VP of Digital Strategy
Eric A. Meyer's picture
An Event Apart , Founder
Sara Wachter-Boettcher's picture
Consultant, Contributor
Richard Trigg's picture
Decibel, Creative Director
Ryan Bateman's picture
Dynatrace, Marketing Director
Rhys Lloyd's picture
FirstyLondon, Co-Founder
Leszek Zawadzki's picture
The Rectangles, Founding partner & UX designer
Rian van der Merwe's picture
Wildbit, Product Manager
Amanda Linden's picture
Asana, Head of Design
John Gladding's picture
Intel, Senior UX Designer
Luke Finch's picture
WeLoveNoise, Design Director
Sam Horodezky's picture
Teradata Corp, Director of Product Management and UX
Tim Leisio's picture
Thomson Reuters, Senior User Experience Architect
Jorge Arango's picture
Futuredraft, Partner
Lou Rosenfeld's picture
Independent, Information Architecture Consultant
Vijay Sundaram's picture
Polka Dot Labs, Founder
Time Barrow's picture
GoDaddy, Sr. UX Writer
Drew Hendricks's picture
Blogpros, CMO
Zack D's picture
Autodesk, Inc., Software Engineer
Egan Schulz's picture
Samepage, VP of Product & Design
Bronwyn Larsen's picture
FCV Interactive, Researcher
Sarah Martin's picture
Naval Postgraduate School, UX Researcher & Consultant
Preston Pierce's picture
Logo Ping, Creative Head & Blogger
David Rhyne's picture
3Pillar Global, Lead User Experience Designer
Jake Cohn's picture
And Chill, Founder & CEO
Dmitri Khanine's picture
ECM Solutions, User Researcher and Interaction Designer
Chase Buckley's picture
Stealth Startup, UX Unicorn / UX Evangelist / Design Lead
Tatyana Khamdamova's picture
Blue Fountain Media, Director of Design