Jaron Rubenstein's picture
Rubenstein Technology Group, Founder & President
Q Manning's picture
Rocksauce Studios, CEO
Rob Tannen's picture
Intuitive, Senior Director
Jaykishan Panchal's picture
MoveoApps, Content Marketing Strategist
Rashaud Brooks's picture
ChannelNet, UX/UI Director
Ania Rodriguez's picture
Key Lime Interactive, CEO & Founder
Alex Asianov's picture
DOOR3, Founder & President, Enterprise Services
Gigi Peccolo | UX Magazine's picture
UX Magazine, Associate Editor
Ara J. Berberian's picture
SapientNitro, UX Designer
Serhiy Baryshniev's picture
SoftServe, Inc, User Experience Consultant
Juan Sanchez's picture
Tack Mobile, User Experience Architect
Usability Matters's picture
Usability Matters, Usability Matters
Indrani Stangl's picture
Pound Puppy Rescue, Social Media Manager
Jocelyn Lin's picture
Polyvore, Lead UX Designer
Bobby Emamian's picture
Prolific Interactive, CEO
Maya Nix's picture
ClickTale, Marketing Content Producer
Ling Lim's picture
myWebRoom, UX Visionary
Matt Yurdana's picture
Intel, UX Lead
Erik von Stackelberg's picture
MyPlanet, Creative Director
Shanon Marks's picture
MU/DAI, chief innovation officer
Brady Bonus's picture
Mad*Pow, Principal, Experience Design
Mohamed Amer's picture
Prototype, Interactive Producer
Valentin Bazarevsky's picture
Itransition, Senior Software Developer
Ann-Sofie Ruf's picture
Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP SE, Marketing & Communication
Andy Grogan's picture
Wolters Kluwer, UX Designer
TECHVED's picture
Techved Consulting (I) Pvt. Ltd., User Experience Design & Usability Services
Clint Schnee's picture
ProSmart Sports Development Inc., Director of UX & UI
Mike Chalyi's picture
ELEKS, R&D Engineer
Oleh Hasoshyn's picture
ELEKS, Art Director
Nick Dank's picture
Suits & Sandals, Co-Founder and the Director of Strategy