Jorge Arango's picture
Self-employed, Author
Patrick Quattlebaum's picture
studioPQ, Founder
Chris Risdon's picture
Getaround, Director of Design
Danielle Duijst's picture
ABN AMRO, Development Engineer
Scott Milburn's picture
SeedLegals, UX Designer
Tanya S's picture
Government of Canada & CanUX Conference, UX Designer
Sean O'Connor's picture
Smart Design, Partner
Val Head's picture, Co-founder
Donna Lichaw's picture, Head
Tony Scherba's picture
Yeti, President
Joe Kappes's picture
Cooper , Interaction Designer
Hossein Rahnama's picture
Flybits, Founder and Chief Product Officer
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Freelance, Writer
Jack Moffett's picture
Inmedius, Manager
Dan Maccarone's picture
Charming Robot, CEO
Jim Dibble's picture
Cooper, Principal Interaction Designer
Elizabeth Allebach's picture
Viddler, Designer
Geoff Wilson's picture
352 INC , President and Founder
Aidan Cunniffe's picture
Dropsource, CEO
Andrew Emond's picture
Usability Matters , User Experience Specialist
Dieter Davis's picture
PayPal, Customer Experience Technical Lead
Chris Calabrese's picture
Cooper , Senior UX Designer
Robert Berris's picture
352 Inc , VP of Digital Strategy
Eric A. Meyer's picture
An Event Apart , Founder
Sara Wachter-Boettcher's picture
Consultant, Contributor
Richard Trigg's picture
Decibel, Creative Director