Elaine Matthias's picture
Rosenfeld Media, Business Development Associate
Saul Gurdus's picture
Citrix, VP of Insights & Enablement
Sawyer Bateman's picture
EasyPost, Lead Project Designer
Lee Dale's picture
Say Yeah!, Co-Founder
Juan Bell Jr.'s picture
Sq1, Digital Account Planner
Abby Covert's picture
Information Architecture Institute , President
Jon Peterson's picture
UI Centric, UX Designer and Information Architect
Liraz Margalit's picture
ClickTale, Web Psychologist
Amanda Stockwell's picture
352 Inc., VP User Experience
Rob Keefer's picture
POMIET, Innovation Director
Ian Schoen's picture
Salesforce, Product Designer
Husam Machlovi's picture
With Pulp, Product Strategy & Design
Will Scott's picture
Lextech, President
Pavel Kostychev's picture
Samanage, User Experience Designer
Pete Kinser's picture
Universal Mind, Director of Experience Strategy
Anders Arnqvist's picture
Veryday, UX and IXD Lead Designer
Poulomi Damany's picture
BitYota, VP Product
Agus Esperon's picture, Co-Founder
Dallas Sargent | Design for Experience's picture
Design for Experience, Project Manager
Mike Schneider's picture
Skyhook Wireless, VP of Marketing
Skyhook Wireless's picture
Worldwide leader in location, Skyhook Wireless
Jennifer McCormick's picture
User Lens, Owner
Kirill Strelchenko's picture
Itransition, Art Director
Himanshu Sareen's picture
Icreon, Founder
Allegra Burnette's picture
Forrester Research, Principal Analyst
Dirk Knemeyer's picture
Involution Studios, Founder and Chairman
Gonçalo Veiga's picture
OutSystems, Expert Services Manager
Bona Kim's picture
Smule, Lead Product Designer
Seung Chan Lim's picture
Realizing Empathy, Executive Coach / Principal Meta-Designer
Stephanie Gioia's picture
XPLANE, Director of Consulting