Mike Bulajewski's picture
Freelance, UX Designer
Russell Bongard's picture
MKTG INC, Associate Creative Director
Jeroen Wijering's picture
JW Player, Founder
Scott Hutcheson's picture
Paramore | The Digital Agency, Director of Content Strategy
Shay Ben-Barak's picture
UXD, Founder
Nour Diab Yunes's picture
Fjord, Interaction Designer
Nithin Rao's picture
Boston Technology Corporation, President and Chief Experience Officer
Rameet Chawla's picture
Fueled, Founder
Matt McManus's picture
PBS, Director of Product Management
Tyler Wells's picture
Blacktop Coffee, Co-Founder
Adrian Zumbrunnen's picture
Information Architects, UX / UI / Motion Designer
Heather Wydeven's picture
The Nerdery, Associate User Experience DEsigner
Rima Reda's picture
Freelance, User Experience Architect
Gowri Penkar's picture
Objective Asia, User Experience Consultant
Christijan Draper's picture
Rain, Director of UX
Whitney Quesenbery's picture
Center for Civic Design, Co-Director
Sarah Horton's picture
The Paciello Group, Director of Accessible User Experience and Design
Tony Costa's picture
Forrester Research, Senior Analyst
Millicent Cooley's picture
Independent, UX researcher, designer and design strategist
Nathan Graves's picture
Data Systems International, User Experience Designer
David Peter Simon's picture
ThoughtWorks, Consultant
Juan Manuel Carraro's picture
Corvalius, User Experience, Service Design & Design Thinking Practices Leader
Zachary Jean Paradis's picture
Sapient Nitro, Director, Innovation Strategy
David McGaw's picture
Embarcadero Partners, Strategy Director
Katie O'Reilly's picture
Zero Turnaround, Account Executive
Mike Germaine's picture
Fidelity Investments , Vice President of User Experience Development
Stephen Wendel's picture
HelloWallet, Principal Scientist
Jalali Hartman's picture
ROBAUTO, Founder
Laith Ulaby's picture
AnswerLab, UX Researcher
Rit Mishra's picture
Fjord, Service Design Lead