Aron Lawrence's picture
The Quell Group, Interactive Designer
Adam Ferns's picture
Rare Sense, Founder
Tal Mishaly's picture
Uniq UI, UX Designer & Content Editor
Ellen van den Berg's picture
DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam, Head of User Experience
Jordan Crone's picture
Freelance, UX Designer
Kendra Shimmell's picture
Cooper, Managing Director
Gina McDuffie's picture
GES, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing
Alexander Rauser's picture
Prototype Interactive, CEO
Tracey Lovejoy's picture
Lovejoy Consulting, Founder
Piotr Krawiec's picture
Estimote, Technology Evangelist
Wojciech Borowicz's picture
Estimote, Community Manager
Ken Soliva's picture
Design Concepts, User Experience Design Manager
Siri Mehus's picture
Blink UX, User Researcher
Emma Lindahl's picture
Hyper Island, UX Designer
James Wondrack's picture
Effective UI, Lead Experience Architect
Toni Ferro's picture
Human Centered Design & Engineering at the University of Washington, PhD candidate
Indi Young's picture
Adaptive Path, Founding Partner
Becky Reed's picture
Healthwise, Senior Director of User Experience
Pamela Pavliscak's picture
Change Sciences, Founder
Steven Cohn's picture
Validately, Founder
Nis Frome's picture
Alpha, Product & Content
Navin Natoewal's picture
Philips uWand, General Manager
Rhiannon Jones's picture
Sticky Content, head of delivery
Lillien Waller's picture
College for Creative Studies, Writer
College for Creative Studies's picture
College for Creative Studies, CCS
Jaq Andrews's picture
Zco Corporation, Tech Writer
Elaine Matthias's picture
Rosenfeld Media, Business Development Associate
Saul Gurdus's picture
Citrix, VP of Insights & Enablement
Sawyer Bateman's picture
EasyPost, Lead Project Designer
Lee Dale's picture
Say Yeah!, Co-Founder