Gregg Bernstein's picture
MailChimp, UX Designer / Researcher
Jamal Jackson's picture
Five Alarm Interactive, Web Developer and Designer
Rishabh Dayal's picture
Solution Manager
Gil Remy's picture
Blue Fountain Media, Information Architect
Nathan Barry's picture
Interface Designer/Developer
Jessica Peterson's picture
AnswerLab, UX Strategy Manager
Kerry Bodine's picture
Forrester Research, Vice President/Principal Analyst
Brad Ty Nunnally's picture
Perficient, Lead User Experience Designer
Tracy Brown's picture
User Experience Consultant
Tom Schneider's picture
UX&ART, UX Partner
Andrew Zusman's picture
User Experience Designer
Colin Butler's picture
User Experience Designer
Andrew Wirtanen's picture
Citrix, Lead Product Designer
Stephen Keller's picture
LumenVox, Solutions Architect
Ben Self's picture
Asynchrony Solutions, UX Designer
Nick Cawthon's picture
Gauge Design, UX Practitioner
Tania Lang's picture
Peak Usability, Principal
Jim McCool's picture
CommBank, UX Specialist
Sergio Nouvel's picture
Continuum, UX Lead
Maya Jackson's picture
AnswerLab, Senior UX Researcher
Joanna Lewis's picture
Objective Digital, UX Designer
Konstantinos Drachtidis's picture
SAP AG, UX Designer
Danny Bluestone's picture
Cyber-Duck, CEO & Founder
Mike Maass's picture
Citrix , Managing Editor
Valentina Ferrari's picture
UX Designer
Christina Seong's picture
Interaction Designer
Doug Klein's picture
Rosetta, Vice President
Dan Turner's picture
Interaction Designer and UX Researcher