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January 24, 2018
Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth
This lesson will be going into great detail regarding you practice or business information technology and how it relates to the HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule and securing PHI in transmission.
January 24, 2018
Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth
Being in compliance with HIPAA involves not only ensuring you provide the appropriate patient rights and controls on your uses and disclosures of protected health information
January 24, 2018
Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth
This session will explain Business Associate HIPAA compliance responsibilities There is a secret to Business Associate HIPAA compliance
January 30, 2018
Corinium Global Intelligence
Chief Customer Officer USA 2018: C-level Accountability for Customer Centricity The premier event for Chief Customer Officer's and CX Leaders
February 6, 2018
Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth
Attendees will leave the course clearly understanding of all the requirements that must be in place for the Business Associate
February 7, 2018
An event for Designers, Web Developers and Digital Dreamers.
February 20, 2018
The School of UX
The UX design conference exploring how designers & business stakeholders can work together better. Amazing speakers from Uber, Transport for London, Deliveroo, Moo, Salesforce and more.
February 21, 2018
Netzealous LLC -MentorHealth
Attendees will leave the course clearly understanding of all the requirements for developing, maintaining and modifying HIPAA policies and procedures
February 25, 2018
QS Connect MBA
Kariyerinizde ilerlemeye hazırsanız ancak yine de hangi MBA programının size en uygun oldugunu merak ediyorsanız, Istanbul'daki QS Connect MBA etkinligi sorularınızın yanıtı olabilir!
February 27, 2018
Criterion Conferences
Realising the benefits of big data, intelligence and analysis
February 27, 2018
UX Copenhagen 2018: Ethics and the Role of the User Experience Designer on February 27-28, 2018
March 6, 2018
QS - Western Europe
Treffen Sie Aufnahmebeauftragte fuhrender internationaler Business Schools in 30- minutigen Einzelgesprachen und lassen Sie sich zu verschiedenen MBA Studiengangen beraten.