We all have a bunch of online tools we love to use daily. My toolset includes iStockphoto, Lipsum & Brands of the world

Share your toolset and tell us which are your top three online tools you like to use on a daily basis.


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Run BASIC is great if I need to whip together a quick script in BASIC. I can use the site wherever I am, and it even works on my Treo smartphone.

My daily dose: flickr.com, ma.gnolia.com, lipsum.com, kaliber10000 for random links.

SideJobTrack is my favorite new online app. I needed an easy toolset to create and manage invoices along with some basic project management.

Good question CMD. I use quite a few things on a daily basis, hopefully I’ll be able to integrate everything one day. Gmail, Google Reader, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Slimtimer, Basecamp, Lipsum, iStockphoto, Feedburner, Delicious and Pandora. Add to that all the stuff I use on my PDA and I wonder how I actually have any time left to get work done.

I use SmartShopper (http://www.smartshopper.com) whenever I’m starting a shopping session or when I’m just browsing for products I like. It gives you up to date price comparisons, reviews and ratings for stores and products in the form of an automatic sidebar.

Google calendar, groups and docs, Remember the Milk (rtmilk.com), thinkvitamin.com, and Pandora.

I use Ma.gnolia to bookmark Shane’s feed from del.icio.us so that he does all the work.

I use del.icio.us to bookmark all of the great online tools there are.

Blue Vertigo – http://www.bluevertigo.com.ar/
Designers Toolbox – http://www.designerstoolbox.com/
Web Creme – http://www.webcreme.com/

Oh and also Colourlovers (http://www.colourlovers.com/). I think this site has been created before Adobe Kuler.

For royalty free pictures I use Fotolia. Spiffy search features! (http://www.fotolia.com/)

Typetester to see how fonts will look in a browser (http://typetester.maratz.com/)

And Google Agenda

I would say bubbleply.com (http://www.bubbleply.com)

www.sxc.hu for free photos, gmail has replaced my regular email long time ago, www.lipsum.com is also a must.

It’s hard to lock in on just one, but I’m all over Google Reader, Gmail, Basecamp, Backpack, istockphoto, and lipsum every single day.

I’m loving adobe labs’ kuler

My google Homepage, Newstoday.com, and an oldie but still a goodie – newsmap from marumushi.com

The ones I use the most are Google Reader, GMail, and Firefox. Yes, Yes, I know Firefox isn’t an online tool, but I live in the browser so much I rarely see the desktop.

Netvibes.com is the one I use most too… To-do lists, webnotes, utilities such as tiny url and whois, blog feeds, pop and web email accounts, news an many more, is what I call my online desktop. All the above are available to me from whichever PC I log in and thus will never feel that for eg. some notes are set in only one PC and maybe forget a to-do thing. I can also see all my pop email accounts from a netcafe or a PC that cannot set a pop account for any reason. Although I’m a bit worried about how secure is netvibes as there are email passwords stored in my netvibes account…

A site that is for sure part of WEB2.

Flickr.com , SideJobTrack.com and Box.net

My first stop in the morning is netvibes for all my feeds. Followed closely by Flickr for some visuals and whereis.com to find out where I’m going today.

Love the Automatic Enkoder, really cool for controlling inbox spam.