Just a quick note to remind you that the UX Magazine crew will be keeping the Twitter feed @uxmag well up-to-date while we wrap up porting the whole site to Drupal 6 (we’re about 90% done). We won’t be posting much until the move is completed. It’s running on our dev environment and we hope to start increasing our news output dramatically as soon as we re-launch.

We’ll also be ‘leaking’ some information on the new design which should come a couple of months after that.

You can also follow the editors directly for extra tidbits: @alexoid, @cdemetriadis & @howardmann.


sad to see TXP go, but it had a good run at UX..legendary really;

all the best on the migration/launch guys! easy does it!

Why the switch? What was wrong with Textpattern? And why did you choose Drupal over others?

I would really appreciate if you can share your reasoning behind the switch to Drupal. Not that there is any doubt about Drupal; just wanted to know the advantages of it you considered. Thanks