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I actually don't see anything wrong with having a submit button at the bottom even though there may be some argument about it. User will fill up the form and end at the bottom of the page, so to me it is the best place to put the submit button. But "reset" button should not be there, it is a useless button which do more harm than anything. Logically, why would you fill up a form just to reset everything? Rather than having a reset button, a "Cancel" button would be more logical, i feel. Allowing me to cancel and get out of the page rather than click on my browser or mouse back button. For me, usually I will just put Submit button

To put this in better context, we made some design tweaks to both buttons after seeing Anna's comment.

Interesting comment Anna. For my own private elucidation, how would you redesign the "Submit" and "Reset" buttons then?

Submit and Reset Buttons below the form are definitely NOT a great UX example. The shoemakers's children are ill-shod? 

We're a free community resource first and a beacon of great UX a distant second ;)