Talk about screen envy! Take a look at the setup in Al Gore’s office as pictured in a recent TIME Magazine article. Ironically, that much power usage does not strike me as very carbon neutral. (Via Airbag)


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Does the guy really need all those screens, I suppose it impresses the ladies, or all of Bill C’s X-girlfriends anyways ;)
Pretty good for the guy who invented the internet, and uses enough electric to power a small village, right here in the good ‘ol USA, you go Al!

If you think that Al Gore (in the realm of glomal warming awareness) is influencing or will influence a sufficiently large X number of people to understand the climate crisis, then it would logically follow that his personal usage of energy is 150% justified. Then again, his energy use comes from renewable sources, which is more than I can say for myself or for Howard Mann, rendering the ill-informed-but-certainly-not-ironic “observation” in the original post somewhat irrelevant.

Why does everyone think that low power usage = carbon neutral?

Being carbon neutral has nothing to do with power consumption. It only has to do with how your 10,000 jigawatts are being generated (Green energy, etc.). In theory, the other way to be carbon neutral is to offset your energy consumption with carbon cutting investments (planting trees, etc.)

You can use all the energy you want if you’re truly carbon neutral. Al Gore has never suggested that people use less energy. He’s just trying to change the way we spew carbon into the atmosphere.

BTW, in case anyone is interested, depending on where you live, switching over to Green Energy is as easy as making a phone call. I switched over last month. Doing so helps to create a market for green power.

(oh, and yeah… that is a pretty sweet setup. Guess it helps to be on The Board.)

Sweet setup indeed…I am officially jealous. It is a strange feeling to envy a politician’s hardware setup (maybe it’s time for a career change:).

I love the frog on the wall much better!

Cool monitors… about $3000 apiece?

I understand Mr. Gore’s power bill runs $30,000 a year.